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Health Insurance


Maryland Health Benefit Exchange:

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange is the business that oversees the Mental Health Connection. The goal of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) is to make health coverage affordable and more accessible for Marylanders.


Maryland Health Connection

Maryland Health Connection is the state's official health insurance marketplace where you can compare and enroll in health insurance, and access financial help to make coverage more affordable.


Medicaid Information

For information regarding qualifications and signing up for Medicaid:


Click this link for Medicaid Frequently Asked Questions


Children’s Health Insurance provides information regarding low-cost health and dental coverage through Medicaid & the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).


Navigating Private Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Emergencies

This factsheet provides information on the process of obtaining authorization for an inpatient admission.



Mental Health Parity

Mental health parity means that insurance benefits for mental health and substance use conditions are equal to coverage for other types of health care. So if your plan offers unlimited doctor visits for a chronic condition like diabetes, then it must also offer unlimited visits for a mental health condition such as depression or schizophrenia.


For More Information on what Mental Health Parity means for you, click here.


For information on the issues surrounding Mental Health Parity:


Health Care Reform Frequently Asked Questions


Fact Sheet on Insurance Coverage under the Affordable Care Act


How to avoid and report scams related to the Affordable Care Act!