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NAMI believes that people living with mental illnesses want, need and have the right to be meaningfully employed, including continuation and advancement on the job, in chosen professions and in businesses. Yet unemployment and underemployment rates are higher among persons with mental illnesses and result in undue reliance on public assistance.


The Supported Employment-Employment Guide is designed to provide information you may need to figure out whether working is right for you, and to help you be successful if you do decide to work. It can serve as an important first step in your journey towards employment.


EBP Supported Employment Program Contacts

Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services

In a Supported Employment situation people with disabilities are given on-going support after they begin working, through activities such as training, supervision, and help with adjustment to the work environment, to ensure an employer’s satisfaction with the new employee’s work performance.


Maryland DORS also provides a directory of Community Rehabilitation Programs  


The Ticket to Work Program is a program established by the Social Security Administration that helps people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to return to meaningful work, maintain employment, and to pursue ongoing career advancement up to and including economic self-sufficiency.